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After his grammar school education, Rob Waltmans studied organ and school music at the Maastricht Academy of Music. He stu­died organ with Jean Wolfs and he graduated for solo performance organ music.

Rob Waltmans has been organist of the the Meerssen Basilica from 1964.


He gave organ concerts all over Europe: in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Czechia, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Austria, Spain and Italy.


He is musical advisor of three organ circles. These are Circulus Musicus Marsanus in Meerssen and the S.O.V., organ circle of Voerendaal and the Stichting Kerkconcerten Heerlen. From 1st August 2001 Rob Waltmans has been vice-president of the cooperating organfriends Limburg.



He contributed to several CD-recordings and gave many concerts all over Europe. In June 1999 he made a CD called, Organs in Meerssen.


He also took part in television re­cordings and can regularly be heard on the radio. Nowadays he gives aducational organ concerts in the Meerssen Basilica for dutch and foreign groups.



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