Rob Waltmans


After grammar school  Rob Waltmans ( born 1940 ) studied church organ and school music at the Maastricht Academy of Music.


In 1964 he was appointed titular organist of the medieval basilica of  Meerssen ( near Maastricht ), a position he holds up to the present day.

Over he years he has given many organ recitals throughout Europe, Libanon and Mexico,


For many years he worked as a teacher of music at the Rombouts Secondary School

In Brunssum, where he also conducted the school orchestra.

He also taught at the Brunssum music school and at the Japanese Teikyo University in Maastricht

From 1997 he has been conductor of the Meerssen Men’s Choir.

He is musical adviser of three organ circles. These are Circulus Musicus Marsanus at Meerssen, the Voerendaal Organ Foundation and the Stichting Kerkorgelconcerten Heerlen.


From 2002-2014 he was  vice-chairman of the ‘ United  Organ Lovers of the province of Limburg” ( S.O.L.), a foundation which coordinates all organ activities in this southernmost region of the Netherlands.


Over the years Rob Waltmans has given many concerts all over Europe and contributed to several CD-recordings. In 1999 he made his own CD, entitled Organs in Meerssen. He also participated in television recordings and can regularly be heard in radio broadcasts.                                                                                                                                  Among his latest activities are educational organ recitals in the Meerssen basilica for Dutch and foreign visitors.    


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